We choose WordPress as our software because we can easily launch a website along with endless kind of themes and plugins. WordPress is also efficient to insure that our website is consistent and usable in all kinds of platform such as tablet and mobile. After the web setup, each of our group member can  easily login for administration through the web frontend and edit or update new contents to our web.
Because we use to digital ocean WordPress one-click install, the components are already included. The components includes Apache, which process HTTP requests, MYSQL, which is use as a relational database management system and last PHP as language support. Together these components along with DigitalOcean Linux server comprise to a LAMP stack.We then use Namecheap for registering a more easy to remember domain name for our website.

As for security, we use lets’ encrypt for SSL to ensures that our data transmit between our web and server are encrypted. We had enabled IPv6 to add additional security against host scanning and identification.

To sums up the advantage of using WordPress, it is easy to use and install. WordPress are based on PHP and used MYSQL as database storage. Its installation is completed on website. Even if people are not good at coding. They can easily finish installation. For digital ocean we use one click install also save lots of time. Another advantage is it’s easy to manage the webpage by connect to dashboard we can edit pages ,post, new article or tags and category.  With this convenience of digital ocean, we don’t have to worried about the power of the server. The server is built online. WordPress editor support HTML and provide user-friendly interface. Lots of widgets, themes, and plugins to use. With its high extension and strong functionality, WordPress is developed base on GNU General Public License so that the users has the freedom to run, study, share and modify the software as they wanted. They have a safely security system, since they established in 2002, they have fix bugs and make WordPress safer. And there are not only CIA and NSA used WordPress but also other 16 government website use WordPress which show that it’s a safe system to use. WordPress is popular and search engine friendly. The structure in the webpage are similar so they can easily be collected by search engine then the website can be ranked higher than others.

Though WordPress is easy for access, it is still not a perfect fit for every user or enterprises. There are ways to convert WordPress website to online store, it is not suitable to manage large numbers of orders and deliveries. Also the engine are not suited for websites that need heavy amount of content or highest levels of security, since some of the plugins contains computer virus that will make hacker have a chance to hack the personal data from website.In these cases custom developed environment are still much suitable.Also if we install too much plugins the efficiency of WordPress will be slower. Currently the official WordPress distribution only supports the MySQL database engine. So to make WordPress better some developers are trying to make it available to other database (ex. PostgreSQL or NoSQL).